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Argh Not The Pony
Ring of 63%

I finished my exams on Tuesday! The period of misery has ended and a new period of not knowing what the hell to do with myself has begun lol On Tuesday after I finished I went to Spoons with Nour and Camilla and Kathrine and Amalie were there and had some Pimms and that was really fun, Amalie even invited us to Notway over summer lmao it was so cute we talked about meaningless shit and I didn't feel guilty because I have no work to do!! In the evening, me, Nour and Michael got an Uber to Myfi and Becky's flat which was fun and Chris and his friend were there and Maz, who I went out with after they finished exams last year, and we played Ring of Fire and Chris had 63% rum lmaoooo it was really fun! Even the tube ride was fun hahaha Drapers was really good for like an hour and a half, some Azerbaijani guy bought shots for me and Nour and it was a sick level of drunk where you thought everything was great and Jordan was an arse again so it fits in with our tradition! He is such a... (more)

Beverly A. Hines
Short Bridesmaid Dresses For The Wedding
Just like the bride tries to find the most elegant and beautiful wedding dress, so does the bridesmaid. She wants to look at her best, as she has the most eyes on her after the bride on the wedding gathering. Short dresses for bridesmaids are more popular than the full length dresses. Available in many common and unique colors, they offer beautiful colors to complement the traditional white dresses of the brides. Colors such as red, blue, green and purple are most common that the bridesmaids prefer to wear. Following are some of the tips to choose the right short bridesmaid dress: Length of your dress It is always better to choose short bridesmaid dresses because they complement the best with long bridal gowns. Short dresses have a particular length and if they either exceed or are reduced from that length, they do not look elegant. A perfect length of short dress for bridesmaid would be just an inch above her knees. Make sure that you buy the dress with the right length for... (more)

The Common Ills
Iraq snapshot
Iraq snapshot Wednesday, May 27, 2015. Chaos and violence continue, War Hawk Tony Blair is bloodied in the public square, the Ramadi effort's already becoming a joke, the State Dept tries to spin for failure, and much more. War Hawk Down! He helped start an illegal war and he destroyed New Labour's reputation sending the party into a downward spiral in one election cycle after another including one just weeks ago. But Tony Blair refused to read the writing on the wall until now. AAP reports War Criminal Blair handed his letter of resignation over to United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and he will no longer be the Middle East envoy for the Quartet group. Lindsey German, with the UK's Stop The War Coalition, tells AAP, "Tony Blair's legacy remains: a devastated and war-torn Iraq, a Middle East in turmoil, and a much more dangerous world. We will continue to campaign against the aggressive foreign policy he championed and for him to answer charges of war... (more)

#my first entry!!!!!!

I'm so exited I just got a new cabodle!!! I'm going camping tomorrow and it's great for travel!! I put every thing I need in it like lipstick and a brush.Just saying I'm not a girly girl!!!

H is 4 years old and four months
i am trapped with my two boys now.. i have so many things to do but i can't do anything at boys keep me company...sigh..but it's OK..i know every thing's gonna be okay.. :) should i go back on blogging? second thoughts..

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